************* gankers

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I. Hate. You. Also, are we allowed to curse on this forum? Cheers everyone! (Unless youre a ganker, then just go **** yourself)
#2 Posted by darmok_the_good (122 posts) -
Haha... I'm not laughing at your expense, I just find it hilarious that people who are INVADING could complain that there are those who would capitalize on it. I gank occasionally myself, and it's great fun getting back at all the invaders that never hesitate to double or triple team me if they can!
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All i can say here who is invading who dont get me wrong i find it annoying but its their world you didnt have to invade them. Also maybe the host got alot of 2v1 battles i know i do so they could just be evening the odds. 

PS.If i summon someone and only 1 guy invades if my summon guy ganks i kick him :)