Can you rate my build

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Hi I have been playing the same dark souls account for about 78 hours and im halfway through ng++. can you please tell me if this is a good build for PVP. Vitality-42 Attunement-12 Endurance-48 Strength-40 Dexterity-26 Resistance-12 Intelligence-20 Faith-30 I am wearing the Elite Knight Armour - all +9 apart from the body which is +10 I am wielding a +5 Black Knight Halberd and a +5 Crest Shield I also use Lightning Spear and Great Lightning Spear and +14 Pharis's Black Bow Any help and tips would be much appreciated.
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Decent build. With 40 str I reconmmend using a weapon that scales well with str, like black knight greataxe, large club, demon greataxe, etc. But you also have 26 dex so you can use weapons that scale moderatly with dex/str like the halberd for example. Also probably the best weapon (in my opinion) to put lighting on is the washing pole. You get from a vendor that only appears if your in the forest hunter covenant. Check the wiki on it for a detailed explantion pon how to buy from him. He also sells like 7 other rare weapons, his name is shiva of the east. Let me know if you need any other opinions. EDIT: Sorry that was mainly for pve, anyways, no. I'd recconmend making a new build, i've done plenty of times and since you've played through a few times your much better at going through the game. The reason is that SL 120 is the average pvp level, alot of the super good ones play around 100 but 120 is optimal. You can go less but dont go anymore for it will interfere with the interaction with other players. Type into google "Dark souls pvp builds" The first or second link should defiantly be from dark souls wiki and has a ton of builds, alot being made for pvp and it will either copy one or make your own. Anyways, goodluck, P.S. please dont become a ganker. Thanks :)
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Thank you very much I will be starting my new PVP build very soon :D
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Ive been playing Dark Souls for a little over 200hrs now and im Slvl 161. I was wondering if people could rate my build and give some feedback as to what could work better. Thanks Stats: Vit- 50 Att-11 End-50 Str-61 Dex-35 Res-20 Int-11 Fai-11 Weapon: Man Serp GS MAX and pine resin 2nd Slot: Max Shotel Raw Shield: Crest Shield MAX Armor: ALL MAX Head- Black Iron Helm Chest- Giants Armor Arms- Black Iron Legs- Havels Ring 1-Havel Ring 2-Favor and Protection Its a simple strenth build and I have found it very effective. Even more so with people who try to go blow for blow with me. My character is deseptively quick and able to keep up with runners. However, id like to know what I could do better without losing much of something.