Avoid cragspiders

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Is it possible to avoid cragspiders in Blighttown? I am currently at the upper Blighttown and i am trying to figure out a way to get to queelaq without the spiders. I hate spiders in real life and games. Also how much can I postpone the fight with the queelaq (so i don't have to go through the swamp area of Blighttown)? I killed the Gaping Dragon in the Depths and I was in Darkroot Basin and Garden even though I only killed the moonlight butterfly I didn't kill the Sif yet. So I kill the Sif then go to New Londo and then I have to kill the queelaq or can i somewhere else?
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You have to kill Quellaag to advance in the game and to get to Sens Fotress, I simply just ran past them using the rusted iron ring.
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I hate spiders justeagle11
Your not the only one