About the new DLC content comin august...

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Im glad they are porting Dark Souls to PC, which is increasing it popularity and sales. But at the same time,  I dont really care much about PC...Im not that interested in Diablo 3 for a few reasons like Id have to buy a new CPU, and I dont want my fingers lookin deformed from so much mouse clickin. However I am hoping that From rewards the players who have PS3(as well the 360) considering that Demons Souls is  Dark Souls 2 yr's old ancestor. I keep typing DS P2D edition in goggle, and Im not getting alot of info about this comin to the consoles? And if it does, will it be like Fable the lost chapters, and just give us players  a few hours extended gameplay? Or will it be like a long as some of the expansion in the prevous elder scrolls, like Bloodmoon for Morrowind....


Neways Id just like some info?

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There hasn't been any indication yet that we will get the extra content as DLC for consoles. From Software haven't even implied it when their people have been asked about it.

The only thing you can say is that they haven't ruled it out entirely. But that's not the same as promising us it will come to consoles. My advice would be expect nothing and you won't be disappointed if we don't get it and you'll be pleasantly surprised if we do.

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I guess we all just have to hope then, but it definitly will suck if they dont do it for consoles. :(

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I will pay $40 for extra content, seriously

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Well you are not alone here sir! From Software (as many others have stated) aren't giving anything away what-so-ever, which being a console owner and a very serious fan of Dark Souls myself, is becoming increasingly frustrating. However, even though we don't have any official word yet. I would be extrememly surprised if console owners did not get the extra content the PC users are getting.

For starters, FROM anounced originally that they would never port to PC, yet after huge petitions and demand they are doing so. This is great news, just as much for us non-PC gamers as this implies that FROM are amongst the few developers out there that seem to pay attention to their fans and provide what they want. It would be madness for them to announce they will not offer the same content, in doing so they would lose a huge amount of followers not to mention a massive drop in respect for them as a company in the gaming community.

Second. For them to create extra content and then deny it to the core market would be developer-suicide, all that extra work would be prime profit gain for them. Sure it might annoy some of us out there but let's face it, all of us that have Dark Souls would more than likely be happy to pay top dollar for the additional content.

Third. My final thought (though this is mere speculation) revolves around content in the art book. I got my copy on the day of release and to see some of these awesome looking creatures slip the net on the console version only to appear on the PC seems very bizarre. Personally, it strikes me that these extra creatures and locations were cut back as the game was nearing it's deadline for release, more than likely they are already polished up and ready to go on the Xbox and PS3, FROM is most likely waiting to see just how much buzz it can generate before saying anything to the crowds.

As for length and what's included, well that's anyone's guess at this stage. We all know that once the PC version is released, we will hear loads about "what we're missing" and "how they have the better version", this inturn will create lots of gossip and competetive attitudes, great news for a development company as it's free advertising for them. I'm thinking we'll get some good length extra sections, it's Souls so even a short map section can take a while to get through and returning to it is always a pleasure. Creature content is the real interest for me, the Art Book contains some great enemies so here's hoping! We've all seen screens of that Lion Chimera and Dragon!

A lot of buzz right now about something being released in August but I'm not holding my breath on that, it's getting very close to that already and still not a peep of any news? To put it bluntly now that I've  most likely wasted your time, I have no doubt we will be seeing the extra content across the Console market, sadly though, when and for how much is another guessing game entirely.

If you hear anything then please, let me know. In the meantime, I'll keep my eyes open in Anor Londo for you haha!

Laters dude.

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good news, hehe,

it is coming to consoles


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This made my day. From elevated to Valve status IMO. Way to listen to your fans From. Thank you!!!
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Its gonna cost us 15 and it will feature Artorias. I logged onto FB the yesterday and a friend had changed his cover page to some guy and I recognized him by his sword :/
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http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/05/31/new-dark-souls-artorias-of-the-abyss-dlc-coming-to-consoles/ its comin to console!!!