About forest hunter, chaos servant and details inbetween

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I joined the forest hunter covenant a while ago and only now encountered the chaos servants. Being a dedicated pyromancer i feel obliged to get the complimentary spells of the covenant :P .

Now, my question is, if I cut connections with forest hunter through the bell priest and join chaos servant, will I be able to rejoin forest hunter later? (i prefer it over the rest) ((yes, I know, pretty noobish question))

Thanks! :D

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Yes you can -but there is an order how you do it. You join the forest for fog ring, buy weapons, kill ninja for flip flop ring, . You join the chaos after you have the lord vessel to open the short cut to the boss-you need 25 humanity for that

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My recommendation is to go to the priest at the top of the churh bell tower and abandon the forest hunter convenant there.  You will not have to abolish sins if you do it this route.  Finish up the daughter of chaos covenant and then go back.

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Hmmm...yeah, i see, thanks for the suggestions! :)

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You don't have to abolish sins unless you betray a covenant (switching, even if not through Oswald, doesn't cause sin).

But yes, you're free to rejoin covenants after switching, you do lose your covenant level though.