Dark Souls' PC port delivers what was originally requested, namely the experience of a game beyond our age.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
Back in November 2011 when the gaming community praised Namco for DS and petitioned them for a PC port, nothing would have seemed more improbable. Yet here it is, a port and not a full-fledged PC edition, but it fulfills the original request. It delivers the same experience as the console version, at the modicum price of a controller instead of keyboard+mouse (and that's for the purists, the game works decently on PC controls, as long as one has patience to understand how it works). So as long as PC gamers get the exact same thing the console gamers got (not to mention the bonus content), there should be no complaints. Fixed internal resolution, aged graphics on DX9, an annoying windows cursor floating around, these are some of the problems the community is addressing right now. And at the end of the day, one realizes that the PC experience has the potential of being better that the console one, in some ways. Yet the main content is already there, 100%. The gameplay and the atmosphere, a gritty world where survival hangs on the tip of the blade. These are rare moments in the history of games when the story, the world, and the gameplay come together in a masterful combination. It is therefore my opinion that it is unreasonable to demand from this game more than from its console counterpart. It deserves the same rating, and maybe even more, if modders solve its problems. And it is not unreasonable either to say that a game is as good as the people who inhabit its world.