Dark souls for the PC is great despite some issues.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
DS for the PC is awesome. Yes it is a port. Yes it is meant to be played with a controller. Yes there are some Graphic issues ( THANK YOU DURANTE ) that the community is fixing. HOWEVER : If you payed DS before and could not hack it..then do not waste your time. This is the same game. Its Hard. Its brutal. You are going to die.
If you read any forums about this game out there, you will see lots of hate at From software for the issues I addressed above. You will also see serious fans defending this game to the last. Well, I am one of those. This game is not about flash and effects, its about the game play. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE GAME PLAY! To many times we have settled for good "story" or good graphics with boring repetitive and easy game play.
I am enjoying the challenge. You want to show your skill, this is the game.