Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Games for Windows Live Achievements

    Code Effect
    All achievements completed. Congratulations! The Dark Soul (50)
    Acquire all rare weapons. Knight's Honor (25)
    Acquire all sorceries. Wisdom of a Sage (25)
    Acquire all pyromancies. Bond of a Pyromancer (25)
    Acquire all miracles. Prayer of a Maiden (25)
    Discover Way of White covenant. Covenant: Way of White (15)
    Discover Gravelord Servant covenant. Covenant: Gravelord Servant (25)
    Discover Chaos Servant covenant. Covenant: Chaos Servant (25)
    Acquire best weapon through standard reinforcement. Strongest Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through crystal reinforcement. Crystal Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through lightning reinforcement. Lightning Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through raw reinforcement. Raw Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through magic reinforcement. Magic Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through enchanted reinforcement. Enchanted Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through divine reinforcement. Divine Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through fire reinforcement. Fire Weapon (15)
    Acquire best weapon through chaos reinforcement. Chaos Weapon (15)
    Light bonfire flame. Enkindle (15)
    Acquire Estus Flask. Estus Flask (15)
    Arrive in Lordran. Reach Lordran (15)
    Ring Bell of Awakening at Undead Church. Ring the Bell (Undead Church) (15)
    Ring Bell of Awakening in Quelaag's domain. Ring the Bell (Quelaag's Domain) (15)
    Acquire the Rite of Kindling. Rite of Kindling (15)
    Acquire the Art of Abysswalking. Art of Abysswalking (15)
    Arrive in Anor Londo. Reach Anor Londo (25)
    Acquire the Lordvessel. Lordvessel (25)
    Reach "To Link the Fire" ending. To Link the Fire (90)
    Reach "The Dark Lord" ending. Dark Lord (90)
    Discover Princess's Guard covenant. Covenant: Princess's Guard (25)
    Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant. Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon (25)
    Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant. Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight (25)
    Discover Forest Hunter covenant. Covenant: Forest Hunter (25)
    Discover Darkwraith covenant. Covenant: Darkwraith (25)
    Discover Path of the Dragon covenant. Covenant: Path of the Dragon (25)
    Acquire best weapon through occult reinforcement. Occult Weapon (15)
    Defeat the Soul Lord Gravelord Nito. Defeat Gravelord Nito (25)
    Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos. Defeat Bed of Chaos (25)
    Defeat the Four Kings, inheritors of souls. Defeat the Four Kings (25)
    Defeat Seath the Scaleless, inheritors of souls. Defeat Seath the Scaleless (25)
    Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon God. Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin (25)
    Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla, the Lifehunter. Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla (25)

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