Who wants a better character creation system?

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Now as we know every souls game had a character creator and it should stay that way. However, when you create a character and spend hours and hours to make your character look good but still looks kinda... I don't know like he/she got hit by a tank right in the face? I kind of want an improved character creation system (not like skyrim just a better character generator) where they can for example, give us a freaking beard... because I doubt everyone were clean shaved in the medieval age... I mean, I have made a few characters (and I am pretty good at that too) all of them look a little... messed up, kinda like Smough hit them with his hammer endlessly and The Gaping Dragon tebagged them... With that said, do you agree with me on a new char creator?

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Of course, I know how you feel. We spend ca. 70 hours per gameplay and what we want to see is not just some dude who looks extremely retarded, with no beard, not a lot of  hair styles and it would be perfect if we could choose how tall the character should be, and maybe if we could add scars too, some kind of tattoos or something, I mean to have more variety 

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More hair styles, facial hair, skin color, better faces, adjustment sliders (you can do this with cheat engine, but still), more body type sizes, yes please.

I want to be able to make a hagrid type build. Extremely large and hairy.

I also want to make an extremely obese and short character.

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Even Miis have more variation.
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An, improvement in facial hair styles, better faces, add some scars, skin color, and a different variety in body type sizes.

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"you can do this with cheat engine..."  ... could you tell me how to do that? :)

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You spend "hours and hours" creating your character? That's ridiculous. I spend about 10 seconds making mine in every game I play. I usually just pick the first option for every category so I can get on with playing the game. I really don't care what my character looks like. It wouldn't bother me one bit if character creation was removed.

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I would like a more in depth customizer as well. I usually don't even wear a helmet on my character's so i can show them off. More body types, hair styles and features would be awesome.

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how cares about character ? allmost everyone put a helmet on is head,gloves ....

because it makes you strong, in 5 min. i had make my character

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This counts very little for me.

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It would be nice if shorter characters could enter certain areas while taller ones could enter the same areas as well.

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@alcapello said:

It would be nice if shorter characters could enter certain areas while taller ones could enter the same areas as well.

No, this shouldn't affect gameplay and make the player wonder if they made the right choice.

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It'd be nice but I can live with the way it is. I never found myself looking at my character other than to see or change gear.

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that would all be possible on more powerful systems. Characters with individual builds in size would take way more power to load, probably will see it on the ps4 one day