PvP in dark souls II.

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so today. I played 3 duels. the first one was against a light armor guy. he was using 2 swords. i was using a heavy weapon. i will cut it to the chase. i couldn't touch him. even with 140 poise. his light weapons struck me. second time. the same guy. i use a light weapon. he used about the same weapon as i did. i was attacking him. he was not staggering. but i even with 140 poise was going down with 1 attack. he beat me again. the third time i went against a hex user. he used a hex which i died with 1 hit. took like 10 seconds for the whole fight to end. i played dark souls for 250 hours. beaten every boss. played dark souls 2 over 80 hours. i just beat the sinner on my first fight with no summons. on NG+. and everybody calls him hard. please without bias. how is this fair? how is it fair that 1 hex attack kills me. how am supposed to fight back. i just don't understand this. i've been getting my ass kicked in dark souls 1 with the pursuer and moonlight greatsword. and now am getting my ass kicked with so many magic attacks (many kill with 1 hit) and the moonlight greatsword. isn't this supposed to be fair? why are they doing this. game on single player is awesome. but i just dont understand why do they magic and speed superior to heavy armors and pyromancy/miracles. how do i play to be good at multiplayer . please

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"how do i play to be good at multiplayer"

Stop dying.

Heavy armours reflect mostly physical damage and most of them don't have a high magic resistance. Also, all I can say for facing a hex player is... dodge.

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mine has the highest magic res in the game. i still get killed with 1 hit.

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Then most likely what you faced was someone with high stats in Int and Faith and he used the Climax spell. It's way too over-powered, especially with the addition of spices (which I think are bullshit). But even Great Resonant Soul can hit for a hefty amount of damage with a 30/30 split in Int/Fth and sorcery boosting gear.

I would have preferred they stuck with DS1's sorcery and not tried to make things more stylish. For now the best thing to do against a hexer is just dodge. Don't even bother trying to block their spells; if it doesn't kill you it'll still eat through your health.

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now lets fucking forget about magic and hexes. because to me. its game over on that part. this is the fucking third souls game with the same fucking thing. OP magic. am not even going to call it the souls game. its the fucking dark magic II.

my god damn dragon sword fully upgraded doesn't even kill with 6 attacks? 6 fucking attacks. holy fucking shit. and they use light armor. from software why you do this to me. the weapon has about 400 damage and 200 bonus. thats 600 total damage. i get killed with 1-3 fucking attacks and i have 1000+ defense. 1 fucking thousand. how is this ok or even close to be ok. how the hell do they make such combat system. my health is 1600 fucking hundred and a guy just killed me with 1 attack? 1 physical attack and none of my weapons do that. and my levels are good on levels. what the fuck. i played 10 duels. i lost at only 9 of them. each time i beat my opponent with my fucking "op" sword that should do 600 damage a hit. but even with 6 hits it does like 50% damage to the enemy. while i get fucking hit once or twice to find my fucking self fucking dead. fuck this bullshit. you need to be over fucking level 500 to kill me that quick. lets fucking say that they fucking are level 500+. why do you put me. around level 180 with a level 500 fucking shit guy?. why? . i cant even summon anyone above 200 to help me in boss battles. how is this fucking fair. is the hacking not enough to make the game does not even need to be hacking to be at fucking GOD MODE

In dark souls . everybody would hide at darkroot garden's door and have pursuer up and ready and they just fucking spam it at you. kills you no matter what you do. here. i don't even know. weapons kills you in 1 hit. magic kills you with 1 hit. EVERYTHING KILLS YOU WITH 1 HIT. and you cant even kill anyone. sorry. I cant even kill anyone with 10 hits. what THE FUCK IS THIS. how am i supposed to dodge an attack that goes through walls? and shields. fucking how? even when i died. nothing touched me i just DIED. like this. just fucking dead. i was fighting with a guy right now. his whip was making me stagger? A FUCKING WHIP MAKING A GUY WITH 140 POISE STAGGER. WHAT THE FUCK. even if I DOGE MAGIC. IF I GET HIT ONCE. ITS FUCKING GAME OVER. I EVENTUALLY HAVE TO ATTACK HIM. AND I CANT DO ANYTHING WHILE ATTACKING SO AM DEAD FUCKING ANYWAYS. attack a guy 10 times in a row with the scorpion sword and doesn't get poisoned. get hit twice with the GOD FUCKING WHIP and I get FUCKING POISIONED. WTF.

am not a newbie. I've been playing souls games. did all of them many playthroughs without summoning help. I tried so hard to play multiplayer in dark souls but they're either hackers or the following. BUT THIS PVP CRAP IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. SAME PROBLEMS FROM ONE TO ONE. FUCKING LIFELESS PIECES OF SHIT WITH MAGIC DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND FUCKING OVER.