did they fix the pathfinding/falling off edges problems?

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#1 thing I hated about dark souls was how you can be nudged off a ledge and fall faster than the speed of gravity without any option to grab onto the ledge. Did they fix that or is it still the same?

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no....so more deaths for you

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nope, I ain't buying it

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I've been an avid player since the early 90s, I've even been for a long period of time a game developer.

Trust me when I say that the first Dark Souls was an absolute gem and nothing is going to stop me from playing the second one.

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no, it was always ment to be that way. if anything, the ledges are narrower not. and stepper....

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OP, hoping this game is more like Uncharted? :)

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@Bhemont: Wanting one little similarity doesn't mean someone wants the game to be like another one. Otherwise, Dark Souls could be compared to games like Zelda because the protagonists both use swords.

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@Bhemont: I hope it's more like FIFA 14

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@Skull-Fire: I think that you missed my point though.

I get the part that it's annoying to fall off a ledge, hell, every Soul fan does. But adding mechanic like being able to grab ledge doesn't fit in to this game, at all. Therefor, I stand by my comment, maybe this isn't a game for OP :)