Contact From Software. Reinstate Hidetaka Miyazaki as DS2 director

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I read that Miyazaki was taken off the Dark Souls 2 project against his will because he did not agree to all of From Softwares changes, but they hired Shibuya (who's only experience is art for resident evil) because he wanted to make the game easier and more accessible to the people who did not like dark souls. This is a petition to put Miyazaki back as the director and remove Shibya. This is a link to From Software that you can state your opinion. 

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Isn't Shibuya the Monster Hunter guy??? Consider it signed and shared regardless.
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Wow - this is terrible news. Confirmed on edge-online (why can't I post links?). Did Miyazaki work on the Kings Field games that preceded these titles? DmS DS are two of the greatest video game experiences I've had in 30 years. The guy is a true visionary since he bucked all trends and created a masterpiece. Never has another game had the gravitas as those two. If they dumb this down, put in tutorials, make it easy, make all the characters talk their arses off, I'm not playing it and I'll boycott FS.

(The inquery page says it won't deal with any Dark Souls messages. Should I just post it anyway?)

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The game is far from release but I feel already cheated .and I dont want to be in Hidetaka Miyazaki feet neither obviously they are moving him out of the way to create a game more accessible so in another words they want bigger sales, widen the audience and piss on the face of us all devoted souls series fans (two special editions both DmS and DS) on pc and 360. Time will tell, and I am not doubting the talent on the two guys in charge nowbut trust me guys they just took away the SOUL of the Souls games by removing Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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I already participated in one of those petitions but i feel that Dark Souls is a game that no matter what you do to it, the game will never appeal to the masses. How drastic a change will they make, those 2 new directors i mean? I have no problem with a change that makes a series better, i will not, however, tolarate things like what happened with RE6 and Dead Space 3, i never bought those two games. Miyazaki actually approved about the new decissions that was made by Namco B, he said he was sad about it but at the same time said that DkS needed fresh material. So, the only thing i can do now is just hope for the best.

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Quote me on this: Dark Souls series will suffer exactly like Mass Effect. Mass Effect 1 was amazing, a classic. Mass Effect 2 was dumb down.
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Idk, but the more i learn about Dark Souls 2 the more excited i get about it. I'm not glad that Namco B. pushed Miyasaki out (if thats the case) but it seems that these two guys are actually doing an awesome job.

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I'm in the beta and in my opinion Dark Souls 2 is harder than the first don't stress about it.