Cant summon a friend in Dark Souls 2 HELP!

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Okay so the other day I was perfectly fine to summon my friend on Skype into my game, everything was well and good. However the day after he wasn't able to see my summon sign, so then he got rid of his and I tried putting mine down, and still nothing, yet we where still able to see others (yes we where human). We figured because he was lv 60 and I was only lv 42, that we needed to be at a closer level inorder for it to work. So he stayed at lv 60 and I went up to about 57, and still nothing! My question is...what the hell is going on? Does DS2 limit you from inviting the same person more than once? or does it have something to do with the area boss?

ps: neither of us are in the covenant of champions, we both reside in the blue guardians. And I'am not sure about the whole god thing either.

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dark souls 2 not only uses soul level but also takes soul memory into account.

Read more about it in the link to the wiki here.

Hope that helps you out.

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save and quit

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My friend and I have found, different areas might have level caps of where summoning/invading can happen. I was helping him with the drag covey, and I could not place my eye where we started (giant forest). So we went down the list of bonfires, and ended up at dragleic castle (we are both in our late 100s). Everywhere past that point was accessible. I'm not sure what or how the system works now, but if it is the same as DS1, then there are "servers" or "worlds" that the game runs on, both of you might be on separate ones. Try dash boarding (on xbox, no idea what the PSN version is) and start the game at the same time, i.e. start the calibrations at the same time. Idk, that's what my team (by which I mean a group of 3 that have been co-oping all souls games since Demons) discovered. Also the fact if one is in NG+ and the other is not, but by those ranks, I doubt it, unless someone used a bonfire aesthetic.

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Thanks for coming out, already posted a thread on this, and I'll check later if it's fixed.

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Updated game. Fixed!

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One thing me and my friend found is that if you (the one wanting to be summoned) has his sighn down. Then then the other person (doing the summoning) puts his summon down and removes it then we usually will find each other very fast. We found this both on new games and summoning on each boss so the soul level things may have been within range for us to find each other.