First Impressions: Absymal !

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Me and my friend got the game just for the kicks, just exploring the unknown since the game had no reviews yet. We did not mind the graphics because its an indie game and besides, graphics are not anything. First thing we started the game we laughed so bad, the translations for this game are horrible. "Mouse Sensibility" "Inventary" etc. First cutscene was hilarious, the voice acting was just horrible and the graphics looked like straight from ps2 (Which we did not mind). Then the gameplay started and we were greeted with "facepalm" the "BEST" tutorial ever! Basically the tutorial stated that IF you get stuck do not jump around on stuff too much, if that happens press the UNSTUCK (c) button! Wow! Basically developers are too lazy to program this piece of garbage so they just think this counts as fixing it. The unstuck button also counts as NOCLIP mode - when you press it you can go thorough walls... The first objective was to find an sword. We spent like 30 minutes looking for that damn thing but eventually we gave up and uninstalled it. After that we warned people not to buy this game on official BurianMedia youtube video, they removed it instantly and blocked us. Guess they dont want too much negative feedback ey?


Anyhow DO NOT buy this game, it has to be the worst game we ever played..

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holy crap is bad. seems like it could have been some what amusing as a nostalgic thing but there is no meat to the game whatsoever.

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Sorry to hear that you don't like it.

But we want to give a short explanation.

First of all, we have done a new update.

The word "inventary" was a typing mistake.

Sorry for that. We have done a correction for the wrong words.

The most parts were translated by an agency. So it should be correct.

Sorry that you have not found the sword.

The castle is big. First of all you need to find some keys, because the sword is in the bedroom of the king. And the door is locked.

About the graphics: Yes, it is an old school classic hack and slash game.

But of course, you can see that on the screenshots.

The last point: The unstuck button. This is an emergency function.

A lot of games have it. You can read that often in readme files of many games.

Normally there are no problems. But to get sure, you can use this function if you are reallly getting stuck.

I hope we could help you. All the best!

If you have any further questions, please contact us.