Although prototype is a very gory and fun game, it can be extremely frustrating , a lot of the time.

Well starting off , I may include a few spoilers, just a head up.Now the game started off with a bang. Fun action packed, difficulty was good, but that didn't last to long. a few missions in , the city is over-populated with more troops or infected ready to kill you. Then after some more missions and chapters, difficulty sky rockets. Swarms and swarms of enemy tanks and gunships, to swarms of special infected known as Hunters, to even hunter leaders (almost mini boss like) . Not always checkpoints where you would want a checkpoint either, making it very frustrating. Example: on a mission , almost complete, and multiple waves of hunters and leaders come out (who for some reason have like a 10-hit combo, which they like to use in unison) come and kill you in 0.2 seconds. if you manage to escape them, there right on your ass, not giving you enough time to gain more health. Anyways , other than being cheap , controls can be kinda wonky too. Example, using the sword power air strike attack, it doesn't always hit specific targets, which is annoying. Story. Story. is there a story? Yes, obviously, but it just doesn't feel important, over the combat. It isn't the strongest story, government (or government type business) unleashes a virus. In Manhattan. Done before , maybe not in Manhattan , but done before. Resident Evil ring a bell? Well the action is definitely different, but this is story, so yes it does ring a bell.
Well enough bad stuff, can there be any more? well yes, but i will only say one word. Events. Find out yourself. May love them, may find them OK, or hate them and find them useless like me.
Anyway, good stuff. Powers are fun to use, Parkour is fun (running up walls and stuff) , mixed with different powers and abilities. And gaining heath is fun. (you eat people) that's how i like to think of it anyway.
Anyways 6.5 Agree with me or not, that's what I think. But if you were to listen to me, I would say don't trust people who say it's one of the best games out there. Rent it first.