Dark Cloud Cheats For PS2

  1. Avoiding decrease Abs in Limited zones

    To avoid decreasing your weapon's Abs in limited zones that do such, is to kill the enemy then before the enemy vanishes, switch to any other ally. Note: This is only good for limited zones. When doing this on a normal zone, none of the allies will receive the Abs from killing the enemy.

    Contributed by: brch3 

  2. Heal status problems without status items.

    If you are poisoned, cursed, or gooed, you can use a Stamina Drink to get rid of it. The problem will remain until the Stamina wears off. When the Stamina sign dissappears, it will take the status condition with it. You can also use status causing items like a Gooey Peach or Poisoned Apple to replace a status problem you have a healing item for.

    Contributed by: Pyrithe 

  3. Keep Lamb's Sword in Wolf Mode

    When the Lamb's Sword gets low on Whp, it goes into Wolf Mode, which increases all of it's stats, even if they're maxed. As soon as you go into the menu and repair it, it goes back to normal. But to keep it in Wolf Mode, put an auto repair powder in your item slots, then let the sword break. You'll now have a full Whp on the Wolf Mode, but if you go into the weapon menu, it will change back.

    Contributed by: Pyrithe 

  4. Broken Dagger Attachment Glitch

    To initiate the best possible execution of the glitch, you need to start early on in the game. During the initial building of Norune Village, make sure that Pike is placed into Paige's House prior to completing Old Gaffer's Buggy, so as to obtain the better selection of items at the shop. Upon doing this, next you need to go to Old Gaffer's Buggy and shop. Hover the cursor over the Ice attachment and simultaneously press the X button and Right on the D-Pad. It may take a few tries, but you'll be holding a Broken Dagger in the Attachments menu (or, occasionally, something else). This Broken Dagger can usually be used as an attachment on weapons to mess with stats. Most of its known varieties will max the weapon's stats when an odd number is placed on the weapon, as well as adding several abilities, although they are merely temporal. Regardless, you'll obtain a weapon that will Build Up after the next upgrade. Another use is placing many of them on a weapon and selling this weapon to the Old Gaffer (it only works there). Generally, you can obtain obscenely high amounts of Gilda back from this. Please note, however, that the glitch is best done using the above method and offers the highest known rate of success. Using it in alternate situations can cause you to receive beta/glitch items and maybe also cause game freezes. Done properly, however, you'll be guaranteed easy battles and easy Gilda!

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  5. Unlock Demon Shaft (US Releases)

    The Demon Shaft is an extra dungeon, only found on US releases of this game - this is compensation as a result of the Dark Heaven Castle not having accessible back-floors: the Japanese version lacks the Demon Shaft. You can find the Demon Shaft after you beat the game, view the ending, and save it: the option will now be in the middle of the world map when you reload that saved game. The Demon Shaft is a long, 100-floor dungeon that has an extremely difficult boss battle at the end; after beating this boss, you will be given access to Toan's Chronicle 2 weapon, his ultimate weapon.

    Code Effect
    Beat the game Unlock Demon Shaft

    Contributed by: FFrulez 

  6. Georama Rewards

    Meet every character's request in an area and you'll get that particular rating to 100%, which in turn gets you these rewards. If unnamed (Yellow Drops, Dark Heaven Castle), completion of those Georamas is required for progress in the game.

    Code Effect
    Get 100% in Norune Village Windmill Slash (new charge attack for Toan)
    Get 100% in Matataki Village Battle Ax
    Get 100% in Queens Macho Sword
    Get 100% in Muska Lacka Mirage & Diamond

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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