Very good fun!!!

User Rating: 9.2 | Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles PC
I will start with the bad. Like most online rpgs, this game will suck alot of hours out of your life. Graphics are nothing compared to these new games, such as EQ 2 and others. Some of the people you meet are not going to be the nicest of people. Ok now for the reason this game is very good. It is flat out fun, compared to the other games in it's class. It's RVR (the PvP system) is amaizing.You Choose a Realm (country) from three, pick your class/race and you level up, get new armor and weapons, then you transport into what they call BG (battle grounds) a zone in witch there are three Armys all competing for the center castle (A big castle in the center of the zone). At the highest level of the game, comes a new RvR system called the New Frontiers, which is a huge zone, that contains three giant lands, one for each realm. Each land has 7 Castle and each castle has 4 or 5 towers. Now the point to this, is to capture as many Castles and towers as possible and the Realm that controls the most Castles gets the access of a special dungeon called DarknessFalls.This is what makes this game shine, and the other parts are good as well, but if you are a PvE kinda guy/girl, you prolly should find another game. This game prolly wont change your mind on online RPGs but if you are looking for a fun and competive game, look no further than DAoC.