One of the most innovative mmorpg on the market.

User Rating: 9.4 | Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles PC
Since its release this game has been top notch quality game . with its developer Mythic constantly working to bring its subscribers the best online experience possible. The scope of the game is something more familiar to rpg fans and even poeple just trying rpgs for the first time as it deals with legends like Camelot and King Arthur to Merlin and Morganna in this game u have three realms Albion (England and Scottland) Hibernia (Ireland) and Midgard (Norway/Finland?)all with they're own unique races and classes. From the very beginning you'll be immersed in the story as u take quests to help your chosen realm and learn trades to better yourself and others. The Graphics r great maybe not WoW like but the game came out years before WoW craze which i might add i took part of until recently:).The introduction of seige warfare where u can purchase rams,ballistas,trebuchets just intensifies the pvp and works well with the game i really cant say anything bad about this game.You can purchase a house to sell your trade goods or to show off your trophies even customize the look of your house from bushes to fences to birdbaths u have a npc seller at your house that sells your wares at whatever prices u set them for 24 hours a day so u dont have to be longed on to sell. The Shrouded isles expansion introduced artifacts to the game a where the u can do quests or fight monsters to obtain weapons or armors of great power that gain exp as u use them and when they lvl they get stronger which is something that gives end game players that have capped there lvls a reason to keep pveing.

Graphics i give a nine taking into consideration that its been live for almost almost 5 yrs

gameplay a nine for know other reason than that i cant remember anything sticking oujt tomake it a ten

sound a 9 same reason nice original scores but maybe not quite as good as the original EQ music

Value 10 cheaper subscriptions cheaper retail prices and a lot of bang in each expansion

Revierws tilt 10 cause this game pwns any other pvp on the market ......

enjoy this one i know i did