comparing this to god of war and saying its bad is like comparing all Fps to the original Doom and saying there all bad.

User Rating: 9 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen X360
okay the first thing is i like to do is start saying, that anybody that is saying that this is an awful game because its ripping of god of war and isn't any good, is a freaking hypocrite. first of all, yeah its not as good as god of war (of course). but saying its bad just because its not as good and its like god of war, again "hypocrites". like i said in the review deck "comparing this to god of war and saying its bad is like comparing all Fps to the original Doom and saying there all bad". that must mean call of duty is a bad game, because its not like Doom the first original Fps that i remember.

i just got this game and i already finished it, im not going to lie to you, they could have made this game a little longer, i finished it in about 6 and a half hours. but on the other hand i personally feel this game has a high replay value. one thing i loved about this game the most and that is how smooth the gameplay is, its like god of war but smoother. dante can jump in the air, send his enemies flying and shoot a barrage of cross fire missiles at the enemy, all in a short period of time without getting knocked around and disturbed so you lose your combo.

i will now review the pro and con's


1. a little short, could have been a little longer.
2. some of the later circles (7,8) loose their individuality because they are so similar to the previous ones.
3. how the difficulty is uneven.
4. (not in the game) the 6,5 review gamespot gave this game. it deserves more.


1. this is just a personal thing of mine. so often in hack and slash games you face puzzles that should belong to a platform game instead of a hack and slash adventure game, in dantes inferno most of these long boring puzzles are gone. (you decide if this is a pro of con to you) personally i like less puzzles and more climbing and fighting.


1. outstanding visual design. (really its awesome)
2. smooth gameplay.
3. well designed (all the 9 circles)
4. fun and brutal
5. exiting boss battles
6. a great god of war wannabe that will leave you begging for more action.

overall a great game and i really recommend it to anyone.