Go to hell, with Dante.. its awsome!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen X360
I wasnt certain that i would buy this game, but i realized that i hadnt got a new game in a month so i tried the demo, liked it and ordered the game. in Europe the game released today... i have played it (not finnished it) and i really liked it! anyway this is my review:

PRESENTATION: All of the things i have seen so far is good, hell is very well made with different kinds of surroundings that fits all of hells themes. this is a M-rated game, and they like to show it! with nudity and extremely bloody finnishes this game laughs at games with no M-rate. (9/10)

GRAPHICS: The graphics are good in my opinion. the creatures and the surroundings are very well made and i really love how they mix the story formats. (9/10)

SOUND: the sound is almost perfect, the music and the sound effects are awsome but sometimes the characters just doesnt make you believe them. (9/10)

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is fun but it is nothing.. new, still this doesnt do much because you kind of miss this classic (God of War style) gameplay. It has some puzzle areas and that is fun, the boss battles is extremly fun. you can buy new attacks and customize Dante with some relics that do different things. still, some stuff can be a little bit too repedetive, since you gain EXP by doing the SAME kind of attack to all of the monsters exept the big ones. (8,5/10)

LASTING APPEAL: Even though this game is fun i dont think i am going too be playing this game again too soon (when i am finnished with it). if i would i will most likely do it for the acheivments. But a DLC is in progress so you will get some new things to do soon. (7/10)

TOTAL: 8,5

This game is good but the gameplay will not make you want to finnish it again very soon. still this game is worth buying or renting since its a very good game with awsome sound, cool surroundings and good action.