No Kinect or Moves game will ever come close to the real workout the DDR series is offering.

User Rating: 10 | DanceDanceRevolution (Bundle) X360
This is the latest installment in this very popular break-a-sweat series. Very polished, down to the point. I used to play it on the Wii and this is my first DDR on Xbox, so I can not compare with the Universe series.

I like the fact how they remove the Diet-Mode and instead they allow to calculate calories in whatever mode you prefer. It was annoying on the Wii, how my burnt calories were ignored in Free Play and Challenge mode and how boring the Diet-Mode was. Now this is all streamlined, your workout profile is active at all time.

Achievements are hard to get. 100 Full Combos? 50 AAs ? a Billion points? That's all crazy stuff.

One thing that seems annoying is the Club Mode forces you to play Beginner first. I don't know yet for how long.... But then, it switches difficulty while you play. That's interesting.

The game does not seems to include some stats and charts about your burning activity but it might appear later as I play.

Doesn't seems like there is so many songs, but I'm guessing more will be unlocked as I play? I hope so... At least greatest hits are available as DLC.

I'm giving it a TEN because it is DDR, the best workout videogame you can play. And because this title has the nicest graphics and everyone should be getting it and start to exercises their ass off.

Thank you Konami

Keep these coming but please think of including in-play Karaoke features.