Where is my DLC?

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So I ordered from amazon bc I wanted the lady gaga songs! And I have yet to receive my DLC codes!! Where are they anyone else have this problem and anyone who bought elsewhere were u able to use up our codes to download the bonus songs? 

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Yea... I'm wondering the same freaking thing!! Let me know if you find something out, I'll do the same
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So I contacted Amazon through chat because I figured it would be faster.. Hopefully the marketing team will get back to me really soon. Here's the conversation verbatim: Me: I pre-ordered dance central 3 and did not receive my 2 bonus tracks. R: Hello Krystle, my name is R-----. I'm sorry you had problem with your bonus code. I'll be more than happy to what we can do. Me: Do I need to give you any information or something? R: That's alright, I believed this is the Order ID: -----------------. Please give me a moment to search on this. Me: ok R: I'm sorry you were not able to find the bonus track that comes with your order. Let me note this and forward to our marketing and promotion team. Since you were not able to received this I can process a partial refund of $5 to your original order. I hope this works. Me: but will I be able to get the bonus content? it was only available with a preorder from amazon. I could have gone somewhere else to get another offer R: I understand, I'll forward this to our marketing and promotion team. You will be receiving a response from them with in 1-2 business days. Me: So I just have to wait and take the $5 that will get me absolutely nothing? R: No worries, our promotion team will check on this. Me: I don't want to make your life harder or be a jerk, but how am I supposed to not worry about it? It was not your money and time spent. You are not guaranteeing me anything and that concerns me. Thanks for your help, I guess. You did what you could. I appreciate that R: You're most welcome, it was my pleasure assisting you today. I appreciate your understanding. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you today? Me: No that's all. Have a good one R: Thanks and likewise, thanks again for visiting amazon. Have a great night. Me: Thanks
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thanks..that's pretty much what they told me too! I emailed them 2he the first time they said it will take longer than expected maybe 3-4 days after shipping well that would b today! Then second email said the exact same thing as what u received they said they were turning it over to another department dealing with promotions and I need to wait 2-3 days! This is outrageous i spent an extra $10 just hot have it shipped on the day of release just to get these songs! Then I don't...I will NOT be happy if we do not get them!

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I was actually JUST sent the code for paparazzi, as happy as i am to finally get my code! BUT...the email said that the code for Alejandro was sent in a different email!! What does that mean, are they trying to say its going to be sent to me later OR are they trying to say they sent it already and trying to say I'm lying about getting it! We will see, its just odd they sent me the code at 3AM! I better get my Alejandro code thats the main one i want!