A blatant rip-off of Heroes of the Pacific. I wouldn't bother unless you really want to replay HotP.

User Rating: 3.5 | Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII PC
I had expected a new game with some snappy graphics. What I got was a rip-off of Heroes of the Pacific with some slightly upgraded graphics. While Heroes of the Pacific was a pretty good game when it came out, this is lacking what HotP had. I do like the added planes and liveries, but that is not enough to save this game. When you start the game it ALWAYS starts in the default resolution in a window. I don't imagine too many people play games in a window, so why would that be their default. No matter if you change the settings once the game is running, when you restart the game it goes back to the default settings. The voice acting is pitiful.

In short, I would recommend Heroes of the Pacific over this game. If you can't get HotP, then hold out for this game to be at a bargain basement price and then don't get high expectations.