Cut the Rope: Experiments Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Collect 50 stars Student (10)
    Collect 100 stars Assistant (10)
    Collect 200 stars Doctor (20)
    Cut 50 ropes Rope Collector (10)
    Cut 600 ropes Rope Expert (15)
    Shoot with the rope gun 50 times Rookie Sniper (10)
    Shoot with the rope gun 150 times Skilled Sniper (15)
    Bounce on trampoline 100 times High Jumper (10)
    Bounce on trampoline 400 times Crazy Jumper (15)
    Use suction-cup 50 times Novice Wall Climber (10)
    Use suction-cup 400 times Veteran Wall Climber (15)
    Feed Om Nom with 150 candies Tummy Delight (10)
    Launch 100 rockets Party Animal (10)
    Find 4 hidden photos Photo Observer (10)
    Grab snail 100 times Snail Tamer (10)
    Get candy underwater 150 times Deep Diver (10)
    Use robotic hand to catch 50 flying rockets Robo Master (10)

Cut the Rope: Experiments Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Hidden Drawings

    Throughout Cut The Rope: Experiments, you will find pieces of the background peeling off. Tapping these will reveal a hidden drawing that will be placed in Nom Nom's album in the main menu. These are the levels in which the drawings are hidden: 1-14, 2-19, 3-19