Custom Robo Cheats For GameCube

  1. Alternate Arena Graphics

    When on the arena select screen in VS., Hold the Z Button on Basic Arena, or No Man's Land to play in alternate graphics for those stages.

  2. Oil Can

    Once you are in the developer's room, talk to the robot (that looks like the one at the training gym). The game will save, and the next time you go to a parts generator, you will get the Oil Can robo part collection.

  3. Hidden Message

    Just before you leave for the outside world a second time,continuosly select the option "I'm not going,".Eventualy,Harry will stop asking and they will all go without you.Then the secret message appears,then you go back to the same point before you leave.

  4. Don't need to go to the bathroom

    In the outer world, when Harry asks you to join him to follow him to the bathroom, say no. Then Harry will ask you again, say no. You will stand outside with Sergei and Marcia for a while. Harry will then come out saying he had to fight in the bathroom.

  5. Random Customization

    When you're on the customization screen, press and hold down the Z button, then press A. Your parts will be randomly selected for you.

  6. Misc. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Beat a new journey in story Mode First Person Mode
    Beat a new journey in story mode. Useable CPUs in VS battle
    Beat a new journey in story mode. Grand Battle
    Beat a new journey in story mode. Parts Index
    Beat a new journey in story mode. Arcade Mode
    Beat Z's Bosses room with a gold, then talk to Oboro. Ray Legend
    Beat all the cups in the Amusement Park with a gold trophy, then talk to the policeman at the front gate. Ray Warrior
    Grand Battle - Z Bosses Room - Stand above the pillar on the west, face down and hit A Chickenheart
    Grand Battle - Bogey's Cafe - Walk behind the counter and press A in the center of the long eastern wall. X Laser
    Grand Battle - Test Center - Enter tournament and upon beating computer #04 press A several times and scroll through the dialog until it givers you the Crystal Strike. Crystal Strike
    Grand Battle - Isabella's Room - Enter the containment tank on the left and press A. Rahu I
    Grand Battle - Silver Battle Royale - Press A standing near the cart south of the Holosseum. Rahu III
    Grand Battle - Research Lab - Lab 01 - Go to the south-eastern corner and press A. Wave Lazer
    During the Bronze Handicap Match, when Lucy comes out, talk to her until the gives you the set. Rahu II
    Win any 50 Vs. Mode matches with any one robo. Dark Star
    Beat Silver Battle Royale Tournament for the first time. Athena
    Beat the Gold Singles Tournament for the first time with higher than a bronze ranking. Rakansen
    Beat the Bronze Handicap Tournament for the first time. Ruhiel
    Beat a new journey in story mode. Sound Test
    beat the z-boss room tournament wyrm gun

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Custom Robo Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. God Mode

    Code Effect
    When the match starts hold A and press C-Up, C-Up, C-Down God Mode

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