The developers of Castlevania, Devil May Cry, and Bloodrayne are probably just as jealous as Sammy Hagar is of Tool.

One of the first things I look for in a game is the 'immersive' factor. I know a good game when I play it when I can no longer feel my couch under my precious butt. When my living room disappears around my TV, I know I'm playing a great game. God of War will do this for you. I personally, was turned off by technical games such as Tomb Raider where you're found having to make a perfect jump from ledge to ledge. I got frustrated if my timing was only fractionally off and fell having to climb all the way back up and retry, if you survived the fall at all. God of War does have this characteristic, but the developers have done a fantastic job of giving the player an attitude to succeed, providing challenges that feel harder than they are, and overall giving you that 'I'm gonna do this if it kills me' sense of gameplay/suspense. In short, God of War will satisfy all your Devil May Cry shortcomings. You couldn't do wrong by purchasing this game even if you're a Flight Simulator purist. Really. This genre of gaming is far from my favorite but just the same, God of War deserves a 9.2 at least. If a gun was found pointed to my head and I had to make a complaint about God of War, it would be the replay value. If you beat it once you will most likely beat it again and again utilizing the rewards to do so but, in comparison to games like KOTR and Fable where the actual storyline changes, God of War doesn't quite deliver. While beating it again with different strengths or magic potency is rewarding, you're forced to repeat the game exactly how you beat it the first time. Oh well, it's still worth it's purchase price by far.