Second best in series!!

The only other Command and Conquer that i like better is Red Alert 2 which is amazing perfect 10 by the way. This game is definetly and upgrade from the first command and conquer red alert were as this game you dont have a limit on how many guys and tanks that you can have which is very nice exspecially in multi-player. Not only does it have fun and some what challenging campaings it gives you a great multi-player expirence that will want you to play it all the time. The only thing that i would say is pretty games about it is that china pretty much dominates the usa and gla in this game. Also gla is very very bad even though they are very cheap and what i mean is that when i play it 12 overloards with speaker towers and gatlining guns and half dozen migs, well placed nuke, power outage bomb, and cannon morter shots kills you almost every time, but i do have to say that a crap load odf apache helicopter does quite well to.