I picked it up, put in my Xbox, an hour later, I took it out. It really is THAT BAD.

So, as a fan of the Walking Dead, (the TellTale games, the comic-books, and the t.v. show,) I had high hopes for this game, but it pretty much fails in any and all standards you can give to it.
Graphically, the game is garbage. Low-res textures abound (we're talking low-res for an Xbox360, mind you.) completely mar the experience
Gameplay sucks, it's very clunky and stiff, not to mention there's no sense of impact, I can't even begin to describe how unsatisfying it is to actually hit a walker and how little satisfaction is gained from it.
Sound wise, two of the original actors from the show are in it, and they do a pretty good job, but this game really has no story, so it doesn't amount to much anyway. There are some strategy segments in the game where you get to add survivors to your group, send them on missions, and that kind of stuff, but they're not fun, they're not interesting, and no meaningful bond is formed with those characters so you'd be wasting your time to pay any attention to that part of the game anyway.
Look, just don't buy this game, you'll be better off, and so will the Walking Dead franchise.