A Crime has been committed...

User Rating: 2 | CSI: NY PC
....and that crime is that this game was released...someone said this before and I agree completely...this is the type of free games that are on the internet. I got this for Christmas and feel like I should give the gifter their money back. After the other successful (not to mention enjoyable) CSI games I couldn't wait to play this...and then my heart (not to mention my jaw) fell to the floor when I saw the graphics and "cases". I'm still trying to understand why they'd release a game like this...Were they lazy?? I hope they didn't honestly think this would be a good thing to put out...I'll make sure not to buy anything from Ubisoft again until I try out a demo (which funny enough isn't available yet for this game). Don't waste your money on this game!!! Well wait until it's price plummets at least.