User Rating: 1 | CSI: NY PC
this game is terrible it feels like playing old flash games or seek and find game that u can find at small company's i dunno how ubisoft took that much time making this game it can be made in in days or something

1-Graphics: the graphics take 1/5 it looks like a comic book 2-game play this game should be marked as children game cause it looks like one
3-story line is very typical nothing special at all

really i will continue to play the old csi games better than playing this game that looks like a flash game.
and guys if u didn't play this game or haven't bought it yet don't buy it it is rubbish nothing but a rubbish i will break the cd and throw it in the trash and really i feel sorry for the trash that it will contain something that bad really this game will make u hate ubisoft and the csi ny series and really will not buy another ubisoft game specially csi games