A game that one would expect to be exciting.....

Ok "The Suffering :Ties That Bind", is a sequel to the original "The Suffering"... no crap... Anyway this game has many exciting and thrilling elements as well as some good times mixed into a short game. This game is also plagued here and there by dull moments, repetitive areas, what seemingly seems like many recycled environment and a total lack of new enemies.

Don’t get me wrong there are new monsters, but lets just say that there aren’t enough to get your mind off the fact that your seeing a multitude of the same guys form the first one every 3 seconds, just given a different name/and or origin for its reason of sprouting its troublesome head in your neighborhood.

The graphics in this game are pretty good, not amazing but not just mediocre either. They live up to the original game and flow very smoothly that leave you with a very comfortable and enjoyable experience through your horrid adventure. The blood looks very realistic, and some of the things are animated very well, but as previously stated some textures seem recycled over and over again, when they could have easily spent just a little more time on the game and made it much better and over the top.

The story in this game is weak. Simply put the story is very weak and horribly written. I honestly believe I could have written a better story in about 10 minutes for the sequel to “the Suffering” You have just arrived back to Torques home and there are sum dudes in masks and stuff there, basically setting up containment from everything on the island, meaning none other then the creatures. They take you in and all hell breaks loose, you are then once more thrown into the nightmare world of the suffering. Now you are learning the true story of what happened back home with the family, where everything happened, how it happened, and why. The end is actually quite satisfying once it all comes together in a predictable movie like twist, none the less it’s a satisfying twist.

The sounds is almost top notch tho as what seems to be an attempt to make up for the lack of talent in the story. All of the gunshots sound exquisite and realistic, as the music adds a dark dreary monotone feeling in small enclosed dark places, BUT on the contrary once the action heats up the musical score transforms into action packed heart pumping exciting music that makes you really want to kick some @**.

The overall game itself is a bit above average if I do say so myself. The game play is very fun, keeping you interested and wanting to shoot more things every second. There is also a nice mixture of enemies you will be disposing of, switching back and forth between humans and monsters. The varieties in those 2 groups.... not so much. But the fact that there are both in this game is pretty cool. The gunplay is a whole lot of fun and any action fan could enjoy it, as well as any horror fan. BUT there are plenty of better action games, and plenty of better horror games. If you are looking for something new.. This isn’t it, its all been done before, but simply better in most places, its just a mixture of recreated themes scattered around various games formed into one in a mediocre fashion with a slightly above average outcome. The game could have very much so been better if more time was spent on it and they truly desired it to be a game of high quality, the finished product just seems rushed, and a mere beginning of a game that it could have, and should have been. The game is just too short, and way too simple. If they had spent more time on it im sure I would be easily rating this in the 9's, but for now with this as the finished product it only receives from me a 7.6