This game is a very good game, its long, fairly hard and especially fun!

Well when i first played this game i thought, " it dosn't look as good as the FFX" but i decided to give a try. The graphics in this game are as good as any final fantasy game out there right now. The story line is very good, having two empires go at each other with a little nation stuck in the middle of everything. I wish you play as rex instead of vaan but pickers cant be choosers.I've never beaten this game but when i do i will be sure to post it right away. The gamplay is very smooth, sounds are very clear, and the graphics are amazing. I love the weapons in this game there classic swords and old fashioned guns. All i have to say is that this game is going to take a long time for me to beat and i cant wait to beat it. And this is the best and most fun game i have every played except for the kingdom hearts line, KINGDOM HEARTS RULES!