Great Graphics. The End,

User Rating: 1 | Crysis PC
I initially gave this thing a 6 because the graphics were so great (my system can easily handle the max settings) and I was empathetic to the the hardcore gamer fanboys with no lives who are probably creaming themselves over this game. After trying to play this turd some more I realize I was way too generous and I have to take the gloves off. I normally don't waste my time reviewing games but I'm seeing so many 9 and 10 ratings for this thing that I feel like I'm in the damn Twilight Zone and need to do a rebuttal for the sake of my own sanity!

This game is billed as a first-person SHOOTER. I went into it thinking that you're supposed to be shooting things. SILLY ME!!! Apparently the most effective strategy is to run up to enemies while stealthed and melee them to death or to sneak past bases all together. If you do have the audacity to fire your gun at any point you'll be quickly surrounded by 7-8 Koreans who magically appear out of nowhere as thought they were f*ckin' leprechauns! Apparently there is a system of underground tunnels on this island that the Koreans can sprout up from anywhere at any time. That has to be the explanation because there is no other way to explain enemies appearing out of thin air in areas you'd just cleared 10 seconds prior! Once they do see you, they can use their normal weapons and PICK YOU OFF FROM A MILE AWAY! On normal difficulty I was getting shot by enemies so far away that their Vs weren't even on the mini-map! Your weapons, on the other hand, have sites that are so shaky that you can barely target enemies well from 50 feet. So I concluded after many aggravating hours that this is a shooter where you want to actually shoot things as infrequently as possible. BOY THAT'S FUN!!!

The there's the matter of your nanosuit. All the cool little gadgets are USELESS! Speed is just for transportation and running away from fights where you're out numbered (See my previous comment about enemies hitting you from a mile away ); Strength is for jumping; "maximum armor" gives you 1-2 seconds extra damage protection; and the cloak last about 8 seconds (10 max) and then goes to armor but the cloak will have absorbed all the energy so the armor does NOTHING! To all the reviewers claiming to be able to "sneak past bases totally unseen"; what the hell game are you playing?! Did you enter a cheat code for infinite cloak?!

The there's the matter of the indestructable Koreans and their invisible full body armor. Your nanosuit, even with max armor lasts you somewhere between 8-10 bullets before you croak. That's about how many bullets it takes to take down ONE Korean with no (visible) body armor even on normal mode! As God as my witness I sniped one clean in the head; the blood spatter hit the wall; his hat came flying off his head and the F*CKER DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH and proceeded to erase my shield and take half my health in 2 shots!!! I had no idea that Duncan McLeod from the Clan McLeod was Korean! Actually I shouldn't make that reference because even he's supposed to die when you take out his f*cking head!!! This is compounded by the fact that ammo is scarce and very tedious to locate and pick up. Also there's the destructable environment. When you're taking on an army by yourself you need a little thing called COVER. I thought game developers making a FPS would understand that but not these geniuses!!! You don't get that in this game as the trees and buildings can all be destroyed. Hell the Koreans can see you from half a mile away through dense shrubbery anyway so why the f*ck not?!?!

Many reviews and tips say that you "need to conserve ammo". That's a little tough when you need 8-10 bullets on one enemy, and that's assuming you hit him on every shot. Some of the tips posted also say that "you need to carefully plan your attacks." How do you plan an attack on a group of 3 enemies when 5 more unseen enemies will immediately spawn from random spots once you commense your attack?!

In summary, this piece of crap is:
- a shooter where the best startegy is not to shoot. BRILLIANT!
- a game whose only saving grace is graphics yet gives you NO TIME to enjoy those graphics since you're constantly running. YAY!
- a game where you need to carefully plan attacks but can only see less than half of the enemies. FUN!
- a game where you have to take out large groups of enemies and have to do it with crappy damage absorbption and no viable cover. AWESOME!
- a shooter where you need to conserve ammo, yet the enemies are playing on God mode. COOL!
- a game where you're supposed to wearing the most advanced body armor on Earth, yet enemies in regular clothes and no (visible) armor can absorb just as many bullets as you! WOOHOO!

For a game that was striving for realism, it *ABSOLUTELY FAILS*! You put the exact same gameplay mechanics, immortal Herculean enemies and abysmally moronic story into a game with so-so graphics and all the 9s and 10s on these reviews become 2s and 3s!

My copy is where it belongs: in the garbage! I wouldn't even use the disk as a coaster for my drinks. But if you like flash with no substance then please go out and waste your money.



Every bullet in your list is why this game is rated so high. 

A shooter where you have to be stealthy to survive
You have to run and escape due to limited ammo.

You carefully plan attacks
Your cover disintegrates and you're not invincible despite advanced armor
Enemies are not invincible, but tough.  You have to shoot for the head.
Never tried to play the whole game in stealth mode, but think that is a testament to Crysis replayability and railess boundless approach.

After many years have passed, this game was so good that I bought it again on Origin just for the 64-bit option and the patch that steam didn't provide.  I've found myself way more disappointed with the supposed next-gen shooters.  I'm in awe of Crysis's graphic engine.  It was released in 2007 and modern games haven't come all that far.  Battlefield 4's graphics aren't that much better than Crysis. 

I'm running two Titans in SLI in 6000 X 1200 resolution with everything maxed and this game just blows me away in nearly every respect.  The AI is fine.  The enemy is tough.  Playing at the most difficult level is frustrating and challenging, just the way it should be.  I love having to change my strategy over and over again until I find one that works.  These are good frustrations to have. 

I'm unsure of what you consider to be games of substance.  If you found Crysis to be frustrating, I hesitate to recommend the Arma series, but it's certainly painfully tough and realistic with less eye candy.  To me crysis offered a nice hybrid of future and common warfare.  It wasn't as sci-fi as Half-Life.  One of the things I like most about Crysis is that you're fighting a lot of human beings in warfare scenarios.  This is refreshing.  I hate fighting aliens exclusively.  This is why I don't like the modern Crysis games nearly as much as the original two (including Warhead).

I'm a diehard PC gamer.  Console shooters seem to be more your liking. I feel PC games have far more substance.  My favorite FPS of all time are Half Life, Half-Life 2, Return to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Crysis, Arma 2, Vietcong, and hybrids like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  COD and Battlefield of course are my candy choices for just mindless fun.  I felt Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 pale in comparison in my opinion; however, you may actually like those more based on your needs.