Take a minute to consider a different point of view...

So, Crysis. For me as well as millions of other gamers one of the most eagerly anticipated games of all time. And my verdict, 80% at best. Allow me to explain. Yes without a doubt the graphics engine within Crysis is the finest I have yet seen, but surely one must also factor in current levels of technology combined with player enjoyment. We all remember FarCry, which even a few years ago was again at the forefront of graphical beauty, but alas I can guarantee that a $4000 power house would have laughed at it. Not so with Crysis. There is not a PC on the planet that can run this game with all settings set to very high. I argue that it would have been a better idea to release these settings when the hardware was available. It seems to me somewhat unfair to release a game that looks so clearly better on these settings knowing full well you aint gonna be able to run it well.
Enough of that however, for that is not what my real gripe is with. In my opinion, with the clear level of efforts that have gone into the graphics engine, I must say that I think the real combat element has been truly botched. We, the players are wearing a 2 billion or so nano suit, which if you take the time to count, can absorb in armour mode, the best part of 4 bullets before it is reduced to a fizzing wreck. Our local tangos however, well thier depleted uranium underpants are clearly capable of taking full magazines whilst they happily back pedal pounding you effortlessly with weapons which in their hands seem infintaly more powerful than when we get our hands on them. Again the problems continue with our "predator" cloak mode. Awesome, right up until you fire a bullet. Erm, why does that disbale it then? anyone? and you can bet your bottom dollar that the aformentioned enemy will spot you, prone, in deepest darkest jungle, a mile away and begin pounding away with their gyro stabalised mounted cannons capable of hitting a gnat at 1000 yards. Oh come on! FarCry too was tough but at least realistic. I never had the feeling that it was a waste of time attacking a base in FarCry. And as a final point my fovourtite of all modes, strengh, unless one on one - maybe two at a push is nion suicide. These baddies can back pedal quicker than we can run - try it.
So in conclusion, graphics, sound - welcome to the new king, but as a game, which after all is what it really is I find the combat sadly lacking the intensity and realism as a game such as Rainbow Six Vegas. So close yet so far...