Don't listen to the nay-sayers. Crysis is the real deal.

User Rating: 10 | Crysis PC
This review is an independent review and a response to those who call it "a piece of crap", "a tech demo", and "over-hyped". It's not. It's a great game with some little flaws, and good graphics. I shall bring this review into two sections: Review and Response.

Review: Crysis is a standard shooter with some tweaks and changes to the formula. These tweaks are so good though, that it makes Crysis something new entirely. The first tweak is the nanosuit. This is basically a super suit that makes you stronger. It gives you four different abilities that increase your options. Armor is the most obvious one(absorbing bullets), strength is a cool one(picking up guys and chucking them), speed is a little unnecessary(running fast, what did you think?) and cloak lets you turn invisible.

The weapons are run of-the-mill, but the thing that makes them good is that you can customize (not upgrade) and differentiate (not upgrade) the weapons. You can make some powerful combinations with this tool, such as a FY71 (assault rifle) with laser light, sniper scope and grenade launcher. There are more ridiculous ones such as shotgun with sniper scope as well.

All of those weapons and their combinations make great sounds as does everything in this game. Sometimes you'll hear a giant roar coming from a mountain with a stone avalanche coming down on it's side as the ground shakes beneath you. When you are in cloak, all sounds will be muffled slightly. The sound is so good that it's almost as immersive as the graphics (later).

With all of this, and the open(ish) environments, there's a lot of room to do different things in Crysis. Say there's a Korean base that you have to infiltrate with turrets looking out for it. There are many different ways to handle this. You could find a heavily armored vehicle and go in there guns blazing to get past the turrets, then go into cloak and run from the vehicle while the Koreans investigate it. You could take cover in a tree line and sneak into the base without killing anyone and saving ammo. Or you could just take them down slowly with a sniper rifle and watch as a small army amasses there.

There are some problems, though. First off, the AI, while good in theory, is OK in practice. They set up good positions and try to flank you, but when you get up close, they'll just take out their pistols. What the heck!? Do they even want to kill me? Then there's the story, which reminds me of a cheesy Area 51 arcade game. You are a Special Forces Operative named Nomad, and you go onto an island taken over by North Korean soldiers, due to unknown reasons. Then it turns out there are aliens on the island. Yep, you heard me. Granted, the aliens themselves are awesome, the fights are intense and entertaining, and like everything in the game, look great (later).
Finally, the final level is, at best, annoying. The parts in it which you don't have to repeat again and again due to cheap errors, are parts where you just shoot at aliens, which is nothing compared to high quality fire fights in the rest of the game.

I wanted to leave this until last, the graphics. They are the greatest I have seen on the PC ever. Explosions are colorful and vibrant, and they blur your vision. When grenades explode at your feet, you'll blink for a second and wipe the dirt off your face. While you're running through the forest in an intense fire fight, the shadows casted through the foliage land on your feet. Then you fire at a Korean who has taken cover behind a twig-like tree, causing it to fall over and cast more light into the forest. Gunfire in a dark room will light it up with every shot. That's the graphics in Crysis. That's why so many people (including me) will pay hundreds and hundreds for it. It will cost you, but it's worth it.

All in all, Crysis is one of the best shooters ever, and it ranks right up there with Call of Duty and Half-Life. It has flaws, but I enjoyed the good parts of it so much that I just had to give it a 10. You will enjoy Crysis.

Response: Here are my responses to several complaints about Crysis:
There are many options, but all of them lead to a slaughterhouse: Not true. There's the stealthy approach, the all-out approach, and the controlled chaos approach. One of these gets you killed. Guess which one it is.

The graphics stink: I did actually see this comment in a review. I wonder what quality that person was playing on.

The game is nothing special besides the graphics: The sandbox nature of the game is only as good as you make it. Doesn't this person know how to have fun blowing up stuff?

It's a recycle of Far Cry: It's made by the same developer so it's bound to be sort of similar.

Please do not listen to these people. Crysis is a great game, and it deserves to be played by any shooter fan. Even if you have to put it on low graphics I still recommend it fully.