What Crysis 2 should have been... overall a solid casual FPS. Well worth playing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Crysis 3 PC
The hype the developer put out about this game is pretty much all true.

Visually this is everything Crysis 2 SHOULD have been. The AA really makes a difference, and even compared to the hi-res/DX11 version of Crysis 2, Cry3 looks so much MORE.

Story wise... again yes. Crysis 2 had a decent concept, it just felt a bit B grade at every turn. Meanwhile Crysis 3 feels properly fleshed out and interesting. The story is good, it doesn't struggle to justify itself as a sequel. It doesn't pretend to be something revolutionary. It's a decent sci-fi story.

Half real FPS, half rail shooter. There are moments where you lose control for cinematic/cutscene focus. That's alright because generally combat is good enough.

There are waypoints which essentially lead you by the nose, but considering what the nanosuit it, as a point of tech it is justifiable. Thankfully they have included alternative routes and tactics to get to your waypoints. Your choices aren't deep or complex by any means, but you do at least have the option of stealthing through or killing everything in sight.

AI is naturally stupid... not completely idiotic, but there are stoopid moments where when someone is alerted to SOMETHING, they scream out "INVESTIGATING!" Just think of a real person doing that. You'd think they were an idiot for certain... but by comparison to FPS's in general, the AI at least tries to behave tactically... seeking cover, reinforcements, etc. It's not a shameless aimbot scripting lazy programmer fest.

The new approach to the nanosuit upgrades and unlocks and so on... comes across as minor tweaking from Crysis 2, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall, it's an enjoyable cruise through a beautiful digital landscape.

Twitch shooter. In a lot of ways they have fixed what was lacking with this side of Crysis 2.

You still have to log into CryNet, but now it goes through Origin. Origin is crap to be sure, but at least it logged in first time, unlike the proprietry CryNet crap that was in Crysis 2... where it just refused to work for so many people.

Once in, unlocks and things actually work (Crysis 2 was constantly resetting some things, refusing to save loadout/unlock settings unless you played a match after the changes and before quitting).

The actual multiplayer experience is great. This really should be the twtich replacement for CoD. It's fast, it's skill based, there's a genuine element of twitch tactical thinking involved because you have to manage your nano armour/stealth situation and the energy it uses, and could deprive you of the required melee/jump-stomp power you may need if suddenly caught while depleted.

The stealth element alone makes for an added challenge to visual skill/recognition.

The CoD style perk system is largely the same to Crysis 2... again, that's not a bad thing.

Though cheating isn't as rampant as it was in Crysis 2, it does seem to be more frequent than I, and most, would like.

The various new modes are also pretty cool.

With better cheat protection, this makes for a pretty cool multiplay experience. The maps are fairly decent too.

Overall it's a decent game and I'm glad I grabbed it. If they improve as much from this into Crysis 4 as they did from 2 to 3, then I'll actually look forward to trying the next iteration of Crysis.