Crysis 3 MP Open Beta Review

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First of all, Crysis 3 MP Beta looks enjoyable and very userfriendly with its easy menu options and graphics. It's very easy and fast to join to any game server and you may start playing immidiately. 
Respawning is really fast except the unskippable bullet cam views after being killed. The Enviroment, the graphics and details are mindblowing even with the lowest advanced graphic options. But the game really slows down when you max out the those options. Size of the maps are quite balanced due to the game modes and no of players. Experience and leveling system pushes you foreward to play the next round. However, I didn't have a chance to understand how it rewards the player (Does it unlocks any weapons or attachments? no idea yet.)


This is the MP Mode I got a little dissapointed with. The idea is original and well though but it's not balanced with the number of teams and the timing. You have 5 rounds each has only "2 minutes" of playing time. You start as a hunter with cloak ability and hunter bow or cell troop with 3 combat skill options (assault, sniper or close combat) If you're a cell troop and get killed by a hunter you re-spawn as a hunter. So each time a hunter kills a cell troop, he converts them to a hunter and join to their side and they start hunting the rest of the troops together. It goes until the all the cell troops are killed or the time is up. That's the logic of the game. When you're a hunter, you have only bow and limitless cloak. The bow is powerfull and feels great to use. The cloaking gets broken when you shoot someone, you become slightly visible and may become an open target if other troops are close enough. The biggest problem is the "2 minutes of round time" 2 minutes is too short to explore the map and finish all the cell troops with only a bow. Especially when you get killed as a cell troop and have less than 1 min. to finish the game. (Plus you wait for the bullet cam animation and can't skip it during spawning and that makes you loose more time) I really like the mode and gameplay, especially when I'm a hunter. But I want to spend more time on the game, it's just too short.


I more liked playing this mode rather than the hunting mode because of it's longer time and gameplay & weaponry options. First of all, The goal is to activate and protect your drop area as long as possible in 10 mins of time or up to 200 points. If you reach 200 pts. your team automaticly wins the round. You have your nano suit and 4 weaponry options in the loadout menu. (Assault riffle, sniper, shotgon, Heavy MG) Well, forget about the shotgun and heavy machine gun, they require too many reloads and useless. On the other hand assault riffle has 500 bullets and doesn't require a reload and it's powerfull. And the sniper riffle is quite successfull but sometimes you need to shoot multiple times even with a head shot to kill your opponent. (Wheather it's not that powerfull or server has connection issues so the other player is not really there when you see them as they are) And when you're cloaked you're not completely invisible. You may be seen to other players when you are in close distance and it consumes too much energy especially when you sprint. Despite the weapon balance issues and cloak system, this mode is really challenging and enterteaning. Instead of a hardcore gameplay you need to be more strategic and tactical. You may never know what comes next. Also there're great use of allien weapons, rip off Machine guns, grab & throw items and using ceph ship options around the map which may give different options to take off of your opponents. The drop pods are launched in different areas of the map so you don't have only one place to defend or capture, so the game changes its course all the time. So I liked this mode better of having more freedom and 5 times longer time limit.

As a result:


(+) Original idea of a mp mode. Great use of bow 
(-) 2 Minues of round time is too short. It's not enjoyable when it finished too early and you need to wait for a restart.
(-) Spawning on the other team may couse disturbance and can be confusing when you have short time and unskipable kill cam animations.
(-) cloak is visible in short distance

- 2 mins of game time should be raised and cloak must be better or
- more balanced team numbers who don't respawn on the other side when killed 
(for exp: 4 hunters to 10 cell troops and same cloak system)


(+) Great additional on map weapons and ceph ship control
(+) Fun, strategic, challenging gameplay 
(-) Unbalanced weapons
(-) Unefficient cloak and energy system

- I'd like to see a level (rank) filthering option on the game servers. For example: I'm a beginner to crysis 3 or any multiplayer fps game so I want to play with beginners like me. Because it's annoying to be shot by a pro all the time when you just start a game and try to addapt and understand. Or I'm a pro on these type of games and I'm looking for challenge not for easy shots and newbies just walking around and doing no contrubution to my teamplay.

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Nicely written review!

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Nice review but the weapon imabalance in crash site killed it for me. everything was useless except for the assault rifle. The hunter was a neat idea but there needs to be a better way to see the hunters. One was standing in front of me and I couldnt see him