Arrows don't show up in enemies?

#1 Posted by 4-Legged-Shark (1031 posts) -

In a game that prides itself in looking so detailed, I find the lack of visible arrows in my victims to be pretty annoying. I know I'm nit-picking a bit with this but seriously... maybe its just in the multiplayer?

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I hope the arrows show up in enemies, just like i hope to see bullet holes in enemies. it might be a minor detail, but it's something that could make or break a game. Splinter cell conviction did it right.

#3 Posted by 4-Legged-Shark (1031 posts) -

I noticed that arrows do show up in enemies in the singleplayer footage, I guess they just dont show up in multiplayer. As for bullet holes, I wouldnt get your hopes up. Bullet holes were originally a feature of the first Crysis but were removed for censorship reasons before the game launched. Later they were made accessible by mods, but Crysis 2 didn't feature them at all. Those details bother me as well.