More "safe" than original, "Crysis 2" squeezes by solely on graphical beauty and nothing more.

User Rating: 7 | Crysis 2 PS3
The graphics are wonderful
Nanosuit offers a sense of variety as opposed to other shooters
Devastated New York is Wonderful to Look At
Soundtrack is Beautiful
Realistic Human Movements

Campaign is Incredibly Standard
Alien Variety is Minimal
Story is Too Hard to Follow
Nanosuit Offers Minimal Variety
For A Game Hyped Mainly on Graphics, This Game Isn't The Best Looking Game Ever Created (Even on the PS3, I was more astounded by Killzone's graphics)

When I purchased Crysis 2 a few weeks ago, I was excited to finally be getting my hands on what review websites across the board called "One of the Greatest Looking Games Ever Created". If what was stated before is indeed true, it's probably only on the PC, as I've been more impressed with other PS3 games (such as Killzone and Uncharted) in terms of graphical splendor. One must also note that if a gaming company is more concerned with graphical beauty than gameplay variety that sets itself apart from other FPS's, gamers should consider only renting the title, as once the beauty of the game has cleared from thought, Crysis 2 is simply just another shooter.

It's sad really, this is the part where I normally tell what the story is about. However, Crysis 2 has created one of the hardest game stories to follow in recent memory, as I can only really tell you that the suit's previous owner gave it to some guy named "Alcatraz" who is now walking through a devastated NYC. That's all I can really say at this point.

The lack of motivation to write a decent review for this game is almost saddening, as you'd think that any reviewer would be more than happy to begin bashing a game they didn't care for. Yet, I didn't hate this game, it just ended up being forgettable to me. There was nothing that new to really try out that I couldn't do within the first few minutes, the upgrades are fairly basic and uninteresting, and the story is just not there to keep me engaged. I tried numerous times to try and convince myself that this title was worthy of my keeping, but I just can't do that to myself anymore. This game is wonderful to look at, that much I cand efinately say, but once you begin to not care as much about the graphics, you'll realize the game is just too basic to be worthy of anything more than a rental.

Not the greatest ever created, but damn are they impressive. The main selling point of this title

After a few minutes of nanosuit gameplay, you'll realize just how standard this title is. Sound: Good voice acting, beautiful soundtrack

Let's just say if you were to ask me what the main conflict of this title was, I'd appear brain dead to you.

Replay Value:
Low. Already trading this title in

Crysis 2 does nothing incredibly original and fails to make a mark on the gaming community. You may find some moments of enjoyment through your playtime, but you'll likely forget about them in less than a week.

7/10 or 3/5
RENT (If you really want to play this game)

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