There wont be a game like this ever and that is sad

User Rating: 9 | Crusader: No Remorse SAT
once in a time some new company makes an awesome game that will transcend into history , that game is Crusader No remorse on the Sega saturn, as a Silencer(a elite soldier) you must destroy the evil WEC.

The game is a port of the pc version, but this version comes with more moves and weapons making it unique , the game is also on the psx but the saturn version is more closer to the original because of this :

-the games feels faster like the original
- the loading times are shorter
- the frame rate is more stable even if dozens of enemies are onscreen
- it doesn´t have that glitch in the psx version which causes the music to change whe you pause the game

To resume Crusader is a masterpiece, good graphics, good gameplay, good music, a deep storyline.
So you won´t forget in your life once you tried it, just remember if you dont have a bad attitude you don´t stand a chance no mercy, no regret and NO REMORSE