Crusader: No Remorse Cheats For PC

  1. Refill Ammo

    To refill your gun, simply drop it and then pick it back up again

  2. Command Line Parameter Codes

    Start the game with the following code as your Command Line Parameter:

    Code Effect
    -skill2 Easy Mode
    -skill4 Hard Mode
    -demo Infinite Intro
    -warp(1-15) Level Select
    -skill3 Normal Mode
    -skill1 Super Easy Mode
    -asylum Super Hard Mode
    -? You Do Need Help Messages
  3. Cheat Codes

    Enter the following code during gameplay JASSICA16, then enter the following codes:

    Code Effect
    F7 Alternate Grid #1
    Alt + F7 Alternate Grid #2
    Ctrl + F7 Alternate Grid #3
    F Change Playing Grids
    Ctrl + C Display Location
    Ctrl + L Display Stats
    Ctrl + V Display Version
    F10 Full Health & Refill Weapons
    Alt + F10 Invincibility
    Ctrl + Q Toggle Transfer Display
    H (de-) activate Hack Mover

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ FAQ by NSchwartzman 62K

Crusader: No Remorse Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Cheat Mode

    Choose Teleport to Mission from the Load Game menu and enter these passwords:

    Code Effect
    L0SR Ignore the invalid passcode message. During gameplay hold R1 and press Circle to refill health and energy, get 2000 credits and all the items.
    PPPP Hidden Pictures
  2. All level passwords

    Enter one of the following passwords:

    Code Effect
    FWQP Level 2 (easy)
    PLRQ Level 3 (easy)
    SZNF Level 4 (easy)
    TD55 Level 5 (easy)
    J1BT Level 6 (easy)
    K2CV Level 7 (easy)
    N3DW Level 8 (easy)
    M4FX Level 9 (easy)
    X5GZ Level 10 (easy)
    C6HO Level 11 (easy)
    D7J1 Level 12 (easy)
    F8K2 Level 13 (easy)
    FGL3 Level 14 (easy)
    JFM4 Level 15 (easy)
    LRTN Level 16 (easy)
    GWQP Level 2 (normal)
    QLRQ Level 3 (normal)
    TZNF Level 4 (normal)
    VD55 Level 5 (normal)
    K1BT Level 6 (normal)
    L2CV Level 7 (normal)
    P3DW Level 8 (normal)
    N4FX Level 9 (normal)
    Z5GZ Level 10 (normal)
    D6HO Level 11 (normal)
    F7J1 Level 12 (normal)
    G8K2 Level 13 (normal)
    GGL3 Level 14 (normal)
    KFM4 Level 15 (normal)
    MRTN Level 16 (normal)
    JWQP Level 2 (hard)
    SLRQ Level 3 (hard)
    WZNF Level 4 (hard)
    XD5S Level 5 (hard)
    M1B1 Level 6 (hard)
    N2CV Level 7 (hard)
    R3DW Level 8 (hard)
    Q4FX Level 9 (hard)
    15GZ Level 10 (hard)
    G6HO Level 11 (hard)
    H7J1 Level 12 (hard)
    J8K2 Level 13 (hard)
    JGL3 Level 14 (hard)
    MFM4 Level 15 (hard)
    PRTN Level 16 (hard)
  3. Loose Cannon Mission Passwords

    Code Effect
    HWQP Mission 02
    RLRQ Mission 03
    SZNF Mission 04
    WD5S Mission 05
    L1BT Mission 06
    M2CV Mission 07
    Q3DW Mission 08
    M4FX Mission 09
    05GZ Mission 10
    F6H0 Mission 11
    G7J1 Mission 12
    H8K2 Mission 13
    HGL3 Mission 14
    LFM4 Mission 15
    NRTN Mission 16

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by NSchwartzman 62K

Crusader: No Remorse Cheats For Saturn

  1. Mission Passcodes

    Code Effect
    Mission Passcodes Just enter the following at the Passcode Screen. Here are all the codes in every difficulty level.
    Mama's Boy Missions Passwords for mama's boy missions
    02 FQWP
    03 PLRQ
    04 SZNF
    05 TD5S
    06 J1BT
    07 K2CV
    08 N3DW
    09 M4FX
    10 X5GZ
    11 C6H0
    12 D7J1
    13 F8K2
    14 FGL3
    15 JFM4
    Real Time Level LRTN
    Weekend Warrior Missions Passwords for Weekend warrior missions
    02 GWQP
    03 QLRQ
    04 TZNF
    05 VD5S
    06 K1BT
    07 L2CV
    08 P3DW
    09 N4FX
    10 Z5GZ
    11 D6H0
    12 F7J1
    13 G8K2
    14 GGL3
    15 KFM4
    Real Time Level MRTN
    Loose Cannon Missions Passwords for Lose cannon missions
    02 HWQP
    03 RLRQ
    04 VZNF
    05 WD5S
    06 L1BT
    07 M2CV
    08 Q3DW
    09 P4FX
    10 05GZ
    11 F6H0
    12 G7J1
    13 H8K2
    14 HGL3
    15 LFM4
    Real Time Level NRTN
    No Remorse Missions Passwords for the No remorse missions
    02 JWQP
    03 SLRQ
    04 WZNF
    05 XD5S
    06 M1BT
    07 N2CV
    08 R3DW
    09 Q4FX
    10 15GZ
    11 G6H0
    12 H7J1
    13 J8K2
    14 JGL3
    15 MFM4
    Real Time Level PRTN
    Cheat Menu Enter the password L0SER ' 0 ' is a zero. It will say the password is invalid, but once you start a game you may do the following <BR> <BR>-Press A, B, and C at the same time to refill health and energy. <BR> <BR>-Press X, Y, and Z
    Final Level (Easy Mode) To play the final level on easy mode enter this password: <B>JFM4</B>

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by NSchwartzman 62K