An aquatic Twisted Metal.

User Rating: 8.4 | Critical Depth PS
Critical Depth is a vehicle battling game for the PS1. The game is similar to the Twisted Metal series. You select a sub and battle in each area to collect the pods, the pods activate this gate and you must pass through it in order to advance to the next area. The pods not only activate the gate, they also act as power ups for your sub (increased damage, armor increased, etc.). The subs that you can select from (just like the cars in Twisted Metal) all have have their own stats and their own special weapon. You will be battling against the other subs. Just like you, they will be trying to collect all the pods as well. Fortunately the game has a variety of weapons to choose from to help you kill your opponents, or steal the pods from them. One of the interesting parts of this game is the critical depth meter. This meter would tell you how deep you are underwater. If you went into critical depth, you would begin to take damage. While some stages were shallow and small, others were deep and vast. The game is fun, and if you liked the Twisted Metal series, than Critical Depth would be a good choice for you.