What better game to add to your live arcade collection than this platforming masterpiece.

The only game that you should be downloading right now should be Castlevania: Syphony of the Night. This game is without a doubt the best arcade game so far on the marketplace. While most live arcade games are just quick games that you would play for half an hour, Castlevania is a full fledged game with addictive gameplay, excellent platforming, an RPG system that anyone could understand and lasts longer than most arcade games.

SotN is a cross between platform and RPG and blends the both superbly. This game and the level layouts closely resemble the metroid 2D's. There are save rooms where you save your progress and replenish health. Some platforms can be easy to reach while others need specific upgrades to be obtained in order to reach. There is a lot of backtracking in this game and rooms to discover with some holding important items such as weapons and armour that will come in handy.

As far as the role playing aspect of the game goes, it's very simple. You can collect viles that will increase your health total. You can level up as you gain experience from each victory. And it's not like some RPGs where you have to pick certain aspects to upgrade with points you earn. Weapons and armour have their stats that you can compare with the weapon or armour you currently have on. So it's much easier to see whether the sword you just found is more or less powerful than the one you have. As you would expect the graphics are 2D but they're not outdated and small things like Alucard's cape swaying around as he runs or the explosions from killing an enemy are good. Even the effect of seeing more than one alucard as he initially runs definatley reminds me of some of the 2D games that I've played not long ago. SotN has more resemplance to the DS additions that the old NES.

As for sound there is a lot of music happening in the background. The music can be creepy at times or pleasant if you're in places like the library. And all the dialogue in the game is fully voiced from the characters. The voice for Alucard suits him very well. This is definatley value for money and with the game only being charged at 800 microsoft points the game is more than worth it. It will last you longer, there's a lot of exploration, fun platofrming and easy to understand RPG mechanics there is no better game to own for your arcade that SotN.