Looking for a cheap game that you won't be able to put down? Well you just found it!

User Rating: 10 | Crimson Tears PS2
I have played many games and I have to say this is one of the best! there are lots of items to collect and weapons to master also the 3 characters Amber, Kadie, and Tokio are really cool. Amber is a twin bladed user so she is okay at bosses and at regular enemies. Kadie is really strong because she can use the high speed claw and the buster sword which makes her better at bosses then everyone else. Tokio (my personal favorite) is a gunslinger so he gets a lard number of firearms and he can even use some of them 2 at a time! This makes him perfect for regular enemies but guns are very weak versus bosses but luckily he can use his fist and his blades to make quick work of them :) . Tokio has the most hp followed by Amber then Kadie so he is the tank as well.

The gameplay is very easy to get used to but it takes a while to be able to get used to the lack of room in your items place so you have to be careful what you bring. Also your close range weapons can break which can be a drag if you only have one weapon on you. Also the overheating consept can be annoying but after a while you realize that you can use it to your advantage because it makes you way faster and stronger but lowers your defense and when it end you only have 10% your max hp. (unless you use a coolant)

The sound in this game is really good but it could be better and this might just be my game but I find it cuts out the sound sometimes.

Graphics are cell shaded so they are always good :)

This game is very good and its at great value!

This game is a must for anyone who likes games that have lots fo replay(beat it with all characters and to beat EX mode, unlock costumes, etc)
I love this game and I don't think I would play my PS2 is I didn't have it.