Tears in Flames

User Rating: 10 | Crimson Tears PS2
Crimson Tears is the best. You can use three characters and they have different usage of weapons. For example, heat blade, double katana, fire knuckle etc. The more better is that you get to upgrade your weapon into a better level or advance it to the next level. Money, is also required in this upgrading. The dungeons i would say that they are very exciting. Every dungeon is unique. The boss of every dungeon can be pretty challenging. There are moments where you have to help the town folks so that they can rebuild their city. Giving donations, searching items in dungeons, and even killing monsters. So, it's basically you have a lot of things to do and sometimes you might get busy. The hardest thing to increase in this game is your skills. There are certain item you need in order to unlock certain moves. It is very cool and i enjoy this game very much. I hope players will also enjoy it.

My tears are crimson colour : )