A wonderful setting, really cool planes, and more fun than you can shake a stick at.

User Rating: 8.5 | Crimson Skies PC
The Crimson Skies universe is just plain cool. A huge dash of swashbucking and derring do but instead of boarding pirate ships you are shooting down crazy planes and blimps. Set in an alternate universe 1937, the story had the feel of those old time serials complete with cliffhangers and cheesy dialogue... which all works, of course. How cool is it to have your squadron of planes based out of a huge blimp fortress?

For it's time it had pretty good graphics. Definitely not a simulation. It had hints of realism but Crimson Skies is primarily a plain old arcade shoot em up fun. A combination of good old fashioned dog fights and stunt piloting. All in all great fun, except for one level where I had to fly through a gateway but crashed over and over again. But hey that's the only one minor minus in a hugely fun and addictive game!