A pretty fun game IF you enjoy doing the same thing over and over and over..again..until..you finally get tired of it =P

User Rating: 5.7 | Beni no Umi 2 PS2
The Gameplay is pretty interesting in the beginning, whereas you are some guy called Sho and you try to save the world (apparentely for the second time). For those people who think "Oh this is the sequel so i shouldn't get this one before finishing the first one" then i'm sorry, because you are making a terrible MISTAKE! Crimson Sea 2 has a totally different storyline from the XBOX Crimson Sea. You can even look at what happened in Crimson Sea by looking at the CG's
The graphics is probably one of its best factors of the game. Overdrives and Time Extend looks cool and Menace are well, mostly average. There isn't much of a value of the game except for....OH! There's a menace! We'll have to KILL it!
Overall Crimson Sea 2 is an average Sci-Fi Shooter Game with cool moves and graphics but a really pointless storyline to it. After you play it for a while, you'll won't want to touch it for a really long time...(unless you really hate those little monsters)
One of the WORST things i think that KOEI should've thought about is the setting and the limit in places you can go to. Before the mission, you have the same procedure: Base, Select Mission, Go and Shoot. After the mission you also have same procedure: Go Back to Base...This is like the most major factor that made this game so BORING!!