Lengthy, solid Action-RPG from KOEI.

User Rating: 8.6 | Beni no Umi 2 PS2
Set far in the future, Crimson Sea 2 delivers a consistant performance through-out, complete with it's moments and downfalls.

Graphically, Crimson Sea 2 is nothing special. The characters look decent, move relatively fine, and have all the voice-over issues of most games. The sceneries tend to be a bit bland, but don't remove from the game-play too much.

Much like graphics, the sound on Crimson Sea 2 is decent. All the space-age beeps and bloops are there, along with gunfire and monster roars. Voice-acting is typical KOEI, with strange Japanese voice overs that rarely fit the character, and some rather silly dialogue.

The game is not difficult, if you are just trying to beat the game. The real fun is obtaining all S ranks on all of the missions. Not only will you be rewarded with self-satisfaction, but a bunch of goodies you can't find anywhere else in the game.

The gameplay. Much like KOEI's other major title, Dynasty Warriors, Crimson Sea 2 pits you against a ton of enemies constantly. You must dispatch them as one of two main character, both relatively similar. Each has two guns, a short-range rapid and a long-range powerful, and a sword to fight off these hordes. Also, much like Dynasty Warriors, with enough battling you can use your special attacks, which wipe out most of the enemies in that area. You recieve exp each kill, and your characters level up, giving them more life. Enemies also drop origins, which are used to power up your weapons.

So basically, you fight through mission after mission on multiple planets, occassionaly doing a story mission that advances the plot. You level up your characters, weapons and special powers as you go. New equipment can be bought occasionally, but isn't a major factor. A good 30 hours of gameplay is packed in this game. Is it repetitive? Of course, it's made by KOEI. But if you are like me, it doesn't really matter, it is still fun all the way through.

You can probably find this game rather cheap, and if you like action-RPG's or the Dynasty Warriors series, I suggest picking it up.