Slash and shoot, free run of space station, choosing where to go at any time......... It has some great ideas.

User Rating: 7.3 | Beni no Umi 2 PS2
The idea behind this game is solid. However, Koei doesnt quite pull it off.

You play as one of two characters. You have two different guns for each, and a blade weapon for each. You start at a space station and can choose where to go and what missions to do at any time. The story isnt bad either. You can upgrade your weapons and your own body with speacial powers.

The bad. For the love of God will these game designers please stop using text in their games! Use audio speach! I hate the text! If you use speech during cut scense, then use it during game play. The controls take a little to get used to. Just like with many games, if just a little more time was put into this, and if it were made just a little bigger and better, then things would be different.