CreaVures Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Meet zappy. Zappy, At Your Service
    Meet rolly. This is How I Rolly
    Collect all the essence. There's always essence in the banana stand.
    Collect 100 essence The Essence-tials
    Collect 1000 total motes Rhythm E-Mote-tion
    Collect 150 essence Qu-Essence-tiable Content
    Collect 750 total motes Potent Mote-ables
    Defeat goliath trout. My Neighbor Trout-oro
    Collect 1250 total motes Mote-ivated
    Collect all the motes Mote-erhead
    Hit an enemy outside the field of view with Pokey. It's comin' right for us!
    Meet glidey. I'm a bat. I am Glidey.
    Collect 500 total motes I'll make a Mote of that
    Bite the following NPCs: bird, bat, squirrel, reptile, frog, monkey I has a flavor
    Collect 250 total motes Going through the Mote-tions
    Collect 50 essence Essence and Sensibilities
    Collect 25 essence Dollars and Essence-nts
    Defeat falcon elm. Can't Let You Do That Falcon Elm!
    Collect 100 total motes a la Mote
    Zap yourself in water. 1.21 Jigawatts
    Meet pokey. Be a Pokey-mon Master

    Contributed by: Guard Master